EG Tracker (Vehicle Tracking System)

We are providing Indian Manufactured & developed Vehicle Tracking System for tracking Personal vehicle (Car / Bike), Passenger vehicles, Tankers, Tippers, Excavators, and any vehicle that needs to be monitored. In addition to accurate geographical location Vehicle tracking Systems gives you numerous other data parameters which are beneficial to your business. The tracking system is not only helpful in increasing business productivity, but also extremely useful in securing valuable assets.

"A Vehicle Tracking System allows an individual/organization to monitor and manage its fleet of vehicles more effectively and efficiently. EG Tracker (Vehicle Tracking System) helps not only in tracking and identifying vehicles along with its owners and users, but also monitors its movement and pops with alerts and alarms accordingly."

1. Overview

Know where your vehicle is

A basis for remote vehicle monitoring is a small hardware device EG Tracker mounted inside the car, truck. The device is actually an On board Computer with GPS and wireless communication capabilities that transfers all relevant information from vehicle to the fleet management center. It gives you straight answers to the questions like: where did the vehicle drive for the last 30 days?, where did it stop?, how fast did it drive?, was there over speeding moments?, how many kilometers did it make?, and much more.!

Real Time Monitoring

Essence Group has succeeded where others have not by using its patented Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology to solve the problem. Students carry a small card that contains passive RFID technology that logs each student's entry or exit automatically when the student passes the scanner located on the school bus.

EG Tracker Advantages

  • Geo-fencing
  • Immobilization
  • Fuel Level
  • Over Speed
  • Route Violation

2. How it works

Track Your vehicle tracking solutions combine sophisticated GPS tracking technology with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software. A Vehicle Location Manager is installed on your vehicle which collects and transmits tracking data via a cellular or satellite network, whichever works best for your operations. The device then delivers the data to the Track Your Vehicle hosted application, NetTrack, which you can access through the Mobile / Web at any time. You will receive real-time vehicle tracking updates, including location, direction, speed, idle time, Start/Stop and more, allowing you to manage a tighter schedule and more efficient fleet. It send data to server at every 30 second. The EG Tracker, also has a G-Force sensor to detect acceleration and abrupt movements such as harsh braking and over steering, along with current speed and idling time. By tracking these movements [on WEBFLEET], you can quickly see which driving behaviors are pushing up your fuel bill and take steps to encourage a more efficient driving style. GPS vehicle trackers are a great tool that one can use to find their location fast. GPS devices are systems that allow you to find your vehicle or a fleet of vehicles quickly. The devices are capable of calculating your position. GPS or Global Positioning Systems work by communicating amid a tracking device, satellite, and receiver. The device will transmit signals to a variety of satellites, which the signals when received and assessed provide readouts on distances amid a selection of satellites to help find a location.

3. Who Benefits

Real-time is the preferred GPS tracking option if a business needs vehicle travel information on an immediate basis. If sent directly to an online software application, vehicle travel information is available to users 24 hours a day. A dispatcher can monitor vehicles on the ground, spot real-time traffic jams, and observe how weather or terrain might be affecting a route. Using a vehicle tracking system will facilitate better fleet management and assist logistic companies to plan and accurately schedule their fleet’s route. Precise route planning and monitoring with a vehicle tracking system allows companies to compare and analyse routes. This will assist the company to choose the most fuel and time efficient route which benefits the environment as well as the customer. Vehicle Tracking alerts can be established to let you know via text when your vehicles or workforce show unexpected or unplanned activity. You can be informed when vehicles move into or out of a pre-defined area. This not only helps you increase the security of your assets, it also helps manage congestion charges. It also assists you in maintaining your duty of care as an employer by warning you of dangerous operating occurrences or drivers exceeding their time limits. By being alerted to these situations you can take immediate control.

4. Features

5. EG Tracker Reports

Dashboard Report (This feature helps in quick reporting and current Status of Vehicles)

  • Shows Current status of all Vehicles with speed, Odometer, Fuel, accurate address and last check-in time.
  • Last check-in time helps in identifying the last successful GPS data sent by device.
  • Active and In-Active device out of total devices of day.
  • Directly go to Live Map by clicking on status link to see the current map of Vehicle.
  • Directly click on Top 100 event link to see last 100 event reports of selected Device.

Reports (Detail Reporting features of Event, Fuel, Digital Input and Performance reports)

  • Event reports with address, speed, Odometer and map links to see vehicle location on map.
  • Easy sorting of reports based on any column to analyze the vehicle location data based on speed,
  • Odometer and address etc.
  • Similarly, Fuel % and digital input reports

Report Downloads

  • Download the Excel or CSV based detailed Event reports for data analysis and planning of Vehicle movements, route planning and driver performance checks.
  • Performance Reports

    • Over speed reports (SMS/Email alerts)
    • Geozone/Geo-fence Report
    • Displays the arrival times and departure times of various travelled geozones/Geo-fences, with the total amount of time spent within each geozone/geofence (SMS/Email alerts).
    • Geozone/Geofence Arrival Report
    • Displays the time spent within each geozone/geofence (SMS/Email alerts).
    • Geozone/Geofence Departure Report
    • Displays the departure time and driving time between each geozone/geofence(SMS/Email alerts)
    • Stop Time reports.
    • Driving Time reports.
    • Last Location status check reports.
    • Events Received Reports to check the total events available on server.
    • Distanced Travelled by vehicles today.
    • Daily Odometer Reports to check distance travelled in last 30 days.


1. How does GPS work?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a group of 27 Earth-orbiting. When people talk about "GPS," they usually mean a GPS receiver. The U.S. military developed and implemented this satellite network as a military navigation system, but now let’s everyone use the signals.

2. Is the system hard to use?

Our systems are simple to operate. If you have any questions, our courteous technical support staff will be glad to assist you.

3. Is GPS really accurate?

Our maps are among the most accurate in the industry with a resolution of 44 feet. Our GPS receiver can locate a position within 50 feet.

4. What benefits will EG Tracker solutions bring to me?

Benefits include improved customer service, increased productivity through better scheduling, as well as enhanced driver safety and asset protection. The Essence Group solutions allows your company to: Enhance customer service • Provide better-estimated arrival times. • Improve on-time delivery by rerouting vehicles. • Monitor and optimize vehicle customer stops. • Check for on-route compliance. • Conduct post-route analysis to improve scheduling. Safeguard drivers and protect vehicle assets • Track driver safety by monitoring vehicle speed and travel patterns. • Monitor vehicle use during and after work hours.

5. Can I conceal the system from my drivers?

Our units are quite small and are often installed discretely.

6. How does the EG Tracker solution work?

EG Tracker is a wireless communication hardware installed in a vehicle and connected to an Internet-based asset Location Services, which provides near real-time asset tracking and fleet management tools for vehicles, fleets, mobile and fixed assets. Essence Group powerful combination of proven technologies includes: GPS (Global Positioning System), two-way communication (via text) and easy-to-use, web-based location mapping software. Essence Group customers have 24 hour access to their fleet via the website. Customers can locate a vehicle's present position, see the vehicle's historical path, and monitor its speed and direction. The Essence Group customer can be alerted via SMS on their cellular phone of excessive speeds, vehicle leaving constraint regions or triggered alarms

7. What is GeoFencing?

A GeoFencing allows a customer to define a virtual geographical area to ensure vehicles do not go outside or into a pre-determined area. If a designated boundary is crossed, the customer will receive a notification or alert that can be delivered via email or text. GeoFencing provides greater control for people who are tracking vehicles. Whether there is a specific route or areas that are "off limits" for safety purposes, GeoFencing provides peace-of-mind that the GPS tracking devices are showing your vehicles are where they should be at all times.

8. What are GPS tracking alerts?

GPS tracking alerts are unique limits that a customer can set up for their tracked vehicle. When the limit is broken, an email or text message is sent to the customer. If a speed limit or a GeoFence, for example, is broken, the customer will be notified. Depending on which GPS vehicle tracking system or service plan the customer chooses, they will be alerted to these types of occurrences 30 times per month, 60 times per month or 200 times per month. A customer will always be allowed to get more "alerts" per month by paying an additional amount per alert that goes beyond the current plan they are subscribed to.

9. What reports are available?

All GPS fleet management reports are available online and are visible directly after you login. Reports available are for Activity, Alerts, Drive-Time, Engine On-off, Geo-fence, Idle, Mileage, Point of Interest, Stoppage, Event Summary, and Over-speeding.

10. How many vehicles can I track at one time?

There is no limit to how many vehicles that can be tracked by the GPS fleet management system. Fleet sizes range from 10 to over a 1000 vehicles per fleet. If you have a large fleet size, do enquire about out bulk pricing.

11. How do I contact Customer Support?

Customer Support can be reached via email: OR call: 8087000096 / 8087000097. Customer service is available round he clock support because we understand that fleet emergencies may occur at any time of the day or night.

12. Can the GPS fleet tracking device be installed covertly without the drivers' knowledge?

Employers who own their vehicles have a right to monitor their assets covertly. GPS Vehicle Tracking lets you catch errant drivers and thefts, and so it always works better if the drivers do not know where the device is installed so that it cannot be tampered with.

13. What happens after the warranty?

A comprehensive annual maintenance contract can be taken for a fixed cost which covers preventive maintenance as well as components, with the exception of tampering.

Technical Specification Device

Input Power Supply 5V to 40 V DC input
Power Consumption Extremely Low power design.
Sleep mode- 1mA
Full On- 65mA
Internal Storage 28 hours of data storage during no network.
Processor 32 bit High Performance
GSM Quad Band GSM modem
GSM 850|EGSM 900|DCS 1800|PCS 1900
GPRS Class 10 up to 85.6 Kbps
Self Recovery Yes
Field Debug Yes
Temperature -45 to +85 degree Celsius
Humidity up to 80%
Dimensions 88mmx67mmx32mm
Battery capacity 950mAh- 3200 mAh

Technical Specification GPS

Horizontal position accuracy 2.5m
velocity accuracy 0.001m/s
Time to First Fix (Hot Start) 4s
Time to First Fix (Cold Start) 30s
Sensitivity -160dBM
Receiver Channels 42
Receiver Update rate 1Hz
Receiver Altitude 18288km.
Receiver Velocity 1850Kmph