Why We Work Offline

Promoting your product offline is as important as any online marketing strategy. There are a lot of potential customers who are not reached by your online advertisement or don’t know how to use the Internet effectively – others are simply more the casual users. In order to also reach these valuable customers you can make recourse to offline marketing through ESSENCE GROUP. Offline Marketing is the use of media channels that are not connected to the World Wide Web in order to create awareness of a company’s product and/or service. Since it is almost impossible to imagine, for any business today, to not have its own website, offline marketing strategies are now often tied to company’s online efforts even though the arrival of the Internet appeared to be the end for print-based and other “dated” mediums. One of the downsides of offline marketing programs is that they can be hard to track to conversion, and also hard to identify the number of users that visit websites after getting to know about them offline. Essence Group believe in trendy and resourceful work system where marketing is done through activities such as Road shows, Canopy Activities, newspapers, Distributing pamphlets door to door, conducting events in residential societies etc. We do Promotional campaign; direct marketing is a series of advertisements using various marketing tools that share the similar messages and thoughts to promote a business of our prestigious Clients. We believe to work with the mixture of unique ideas, creativity, ability, and vision go beyond the expectations of the client.

Digital Marketing

Why we do Digital Marketing? Internet marketing is not just a fad that you can ignore. It is the newest and best way to reach out to prospective customers and draw them toward your business. You already know that millions of people are using the internet each day to search for your products and services. Thousands of these people are in your region and are looking for local businesses. Your prospective customers are online and are searching for you. You want to make it easy for them to find you. That is what online marketing is all about. This is our broad based service where the client organization comes to us with a marketing problem – customer acquisition, brand building, customer retention etc. that it wishes to solve. We then study the organization’s business, advise on what digital marketing services can help and execute. Digital Marketing Increased sales conversions, More visibility for your brand, Better ROI (Return on Investment), More leftover in your budget, Enhanced relationships and better credibility among your audience and peers. our toolkit includes the full set of services:

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Email And Mobile Marketing

Making Public Relation

Branding Awareness

Affiliate marketing

We recommend only those services that can help your business. Nor do we expect you to be knowledgeable or experts in digital marketing.